About Geometrid Asia

Geometrid Asia is a digital design and technology consultancy for building construction industry clients, supporting developers, architects, engineers and contractors by providing services in digital design, digital technology and digital transformation throughout different stages of building construction projects.

Specialized in advanced architectural geometry development from concept to production, we perform automation of building design processes and integrate them into computational BIM workflows that deliver cost-optimized building design solutions.

Addressing the construction management challenges in project execution as well, we implement in-house developed tools and applications to help clients streamline their construction procedures and leverage valuable building information on their construction projects.

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Digital Design Geometrid Asia

Digital Design approach we take is based on designing the design process itself and thus enabling more control over the design outcome. True value for our clients lies in integrating all the sub-processes into a seamless computational workflow with the end goal of delivering efficient, functional and economical results.

Parametric Modeling and Computational Design
Design Automation and Optimization
Building Data Analysis and Visualization
Building Information Modeling and Management
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
Mass Customization and Digital Fabrication

Establishing parametric relationships from early stages of the design development will ensure the integrity of building information as it flows through computational BIM workflows all the way to production-ready BIM model.

Thousands of fabrication drawings and CNC files for digital manufacturing are automatically exported upon any change in the parametric model, going through various material and cost optimization algorithms, performing different simulations and analysis, in order to achieve preset computational design goals.

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Digital Technology Geometrid Asia

Digital Technology is at the core of everything we do. Being able to grasp building information on construction projects of increasing complexity is a crucial advantage within building construction industry. We provide our clients with this advantage by developing custom digital tools and construction business intelligence applications.

Interaction with a building 3D model on the project dashboard within a web browser enables real-time construction progress monitoring and reporting, as well as performance analysis and visualization across the whole supply chain.

Monitor and Track Real-time Building Component Status
Customize and Control Project Supply Chain and Logistics
Visualize and Analyze Performance on 3D Interactive Dashboard
Configure and Generate Instant Productivity and Progress Reports

For fabrication and dispatch, shipping and warehousing, construction site delivery, installation and inspection, or any other stage of the prefabricated building elements set for progress tracking, users get instant updates by having different parties involved scan the element QR code upon completion of the stage under their responsibility.

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Digital Transformation Geometrid Asia

Digital Transformation is how we help our clients achieve long term success and keep up with the development pace in a rapidly changing tech environment. Having us around to reinforce the digitalization efforts, lets our clients address the inefficiencies of internal procedures within their organizations and establish a sustainable presence in the building construction industry.

Continuous Support via Workshops and Training
Digital Transformation Planning and Implementation

We work closely with our client's teams through series of workshops and training to make sure they remain up to date with emerging technologies in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Together we rethink the existing processes, develop interoperability strategies and implement digital workflows combining client's systems with our digital design and technology solutions.

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